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St Mary's Church, What's On

Services at St Mary’s Church. April, May & June 2022

St Mary’s Church is at the heart of the Parish and can be found by the village green at Cumwhitton. If you are visiting the area, please do come and join us for a Service. You will find a warm welcome waiting for you. Equally, if you have not been to our Church for some time, we would love to see you. During the day the doors of the Church are open between 9am and 5pm if you would like to visit this historical building or to take time for your own private prayers and reflections. On Tuesday evenings at 5pm you are welcome to join the Vicar for “Evening Prayers”.

Sunday, 17th April: 5pm: Holy Communion Easter Sunday Service

Sunday, 1st May: 5pm: Evensong Service

Sunday, 15th May: 9.30am: Holy Communion Service

Sunday, 5th June: 5pm: Jubilee Service Thanksgiving for the Queen

Sunday, 19th June: 9.30am: Holy Communion Service

Covid restrictions: When coming into the Church we encourage you to wear a mask. Sanitising gel is available on entry. The pews have been labelled to help with social distancing. As regulations are updated further advice will be forthcoming.