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Macmillan Coffee Morning. September 2020

Strange times indeed! Normally at this time of year we would begin planning our Village Hall Coffee Morning for the end of September. Sadly, I cannot see it happening as we would normally plan to do so. I am equally aware that that there have been many powerful advertisements and documentaries recently that demonstrate the need for funds to help the organisation to continue working with those affected by cancer as well as the vital research that is required. To this end it is vital that we continue the good work that the Parish has done in the past and, if possible, surpass our donation of £574.80p last year. In the Parish there are well over one hundred houses and, optimistically if every household raised £10, we will have collected over £1000. AMAZING that such small amounts can build to such a staggering sum.
This is the proposal:

I am suggesting two ideas. One: for those who may be isolating and Two: for those who have neighbours, friends or family in a “safe bubble”
One: Where there are two in a household; one bakes and prepares a Coffee Morning for them both to enjoy and the non- baker makes the donation.
Two: Where one household invites friends, neighbours or family who are safe to come for a Coffee Morning on a warm and sunny morning during the above mentioned week. To go a step further, those invited may then do the inviting and even more money would be raised!
Nearer the time I will organise a safe method for collecting money that has been donated. There are six weeks to go before the Coffee Morning week and I will certainly remind you nearer the time. Thank You very much in anticipation for holding the date on your calendar.