Life in a Cumbrian Village


Cumwhitton Parish Community Partnership. Minutes. 7th May 2019

Minutes of the Meeting of the CPCP held on Tuesday, 7th May, 2019 at
The Village Hall, Cumwhitton at 7:30 pm

Present: C. Egerton, R. Potter, L. Sarasini, J. Robley, S. Potter, D. Wade, C. Wade
Apologies: T Watt, K. Rowling, L. Dixon.
Minutes: Minutes of the meeting held on 5th March were approved and signed off by the Chairman as a true record.
Treasurer’s report: The treasurer gave a full account of the current financial position of the CPCP. There remains a balance to cover the current costs for the coming year. Annual accounts have been signed off by Armstrong Watson. The bill for plans investigating the possibilities of future developments within the Play Park has been received. There has been a small increase in the “Easy Fundraising” revenue.
Group reports:
St Mary’s Church: The Church Warden reported that a very successful presentation on the History of Church Clocks has taken place. This was followed by a very enjoyable cheese and wine evening. It was upsetting to hear that there has been some vandalism in the Church graveyard. It is hoped that this is an isolated incident. The meeting was updated as to forthcoming “War Memorial” events advertised in both the Candlestick News and the Parish Magazine.
Village Hall: The refurbishment of the Village Hall floor has been much appreciated.
Parish Council: The CPCP is to make a request at the next Parish Council meeting for support subsidising the cost of printing the Candlestick News.
Candlestick News: Ideas to enrich the content of the Candlestick News were discussed. Ainstable and Talkin Village cinema clubs will be invited to advertise their forthcoming flicks with the hope that members of our Parish will take advantage of this opportunity for a very enjoyable social gathering. In addition, it is hoped to begin a series of articles illustrating the variety of hobbies, interests and skills enjoyed by folk living in the Parish. After each issue the baton will be passed from one author to the next.
Cumwhitton Play Park: Funding for any future developments of the Cumwhitton Play Park is to be investigated before any major decisions are discussed with the community.
A.O.B. Peace Day and Family Fun Day, 6th July. The possible format for this event was discussed at length. However, before any decisions are made, it was felt appropriate to organise an additional meeting with the Play Park subcommittee members. This is to be arranged at the earliest opportunity.
Proposed date for next meeting: AGM Thursday, 4th July, 2019 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.