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Cumwhitton Parish Community Partnership. Minutes. 4th July 2019

Minutes of the Meeting of the CPCP AGM held on Thursday, 4th July, 2019 at
The Village Hall, Cumwhitton at 7:30 pm

Present: C. Egerton, R. Potter, S. Palmer, K. Rowling, D. Wade, C. Wade
Apologies: L.Sarasini, J.Robley
Minutes: Minutes of the AGM held on Tuesday, 26th June 2018 were approved and signed off by the Chairman as a true record. Minutes of the meeting held on 7th May 2019 were approved and signed off by the Chairman as a true record.
AGM Business:
Election of officers: All positions of responsibility remain the same with C. Egerton as Chair, L.Sarasini as Treasurer and C. Wade and D. Wade as joint Secretaries. Directors of the CPCP remain the same with no resignations or additions.
Chairman’s report: The chairman thanked all those members of the CPCP as well as those who support the work of the CPCP for a very successful year and referred to the Chairman’s letters in the Candlestick News to emphasise the variety of events that were successfully and enthusiastically shared with the community.
Treasurer’s report: the treasurer’s report gave an update on the financial accounts of the CPCP and included details of monies brought in through advertising in the Candlestick News. The Parish Council have very kindly donated £500 towards the costs of the Candlestick News. This contribution is very much appreciated. Purchase of the Marquee has been added to the insurance policy.
Secretary’s report: this updated the meeting with details related to registration with Companies House, the CPCP Safeguarding Policy Document, the Defibrillator, Cumbria Council Small Society Lottery registration and the submission of the Annual Confirmation statement to Companies House.
Group reports:
St Mary’s Church: The Church Warden gave an update on all information that related to the maintenance and repairs at St Mary’s as well as the preparation for the Peace Day celebrations that will take place as part of the restoration project of the War Memorial Clock.
Village Hall: Refurbishment completed. There will be increased payments when the Village Hall is used as a Polling Station for Election purpose
Candlestick News: the meeting was updated with information that related to those advertising in the Candlestick News.
Cumwhitton Play Park: Preparations for the Family Fun Day are well underway. The work of those supporting this event is very much appreciated and the money raised makes a valuable contribution to the annual running costs of the Play Park.
Proposed date for next meeting: Wednesday, 4th September 2019 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.