Life in a Cumbrian Village

Rogation Walk in Cumwhitton and Cumrew

Rogation Walk in Cumwhitton and Cumrew.
A great privilege to be a part of this very special walk and Service across private land to the top of “King Harry’s Hill”. On the afternoon of Sunday, 21st May we met on the green at Newbiggin Village. Our group of walkers represented all ages, from the very young to those of us of more mature age! James, the Church Warden at Cumrew Church had given us special permission to access his land. He was well prepared with a tractor to lead the way. When we arrived at the beck that marked the Parish boundary we upheld the tradition of striking the boundary stones and shaking a young boy upside down, before welcoming the parishioners from Cumrew into the Parish of Cumwhitton. Great fun with plenty of laughter. Long ago there would have been a very valid reason for such actions, but they are now lost in time. A walk up the hill took us to “Grey Yauds” Neolithic Standing Stone. We were given a short talk by a very well informed archaeologist. This was originally the largest circle of stones in Cumbria, with eighty-eight standing stones. Today there is one last remaining and very impressive stone. The views across the valley were incredible and it was good to talk to local farmers who were able to add stories related to the landscape. With a further short walk, we were on the ridge of the hill where Rev Edward led us in a short and very appropriate Service.
Some of the original standing stones are now the foundation stones for dry stone walls. However, if you travel the roads of the Parish, you will be familiar with one without knowing its history. Look out for the stone at the corner of the house on the “T” Junction at Hornsby Gate.
Thank you to all those who went out of their way to make the day so very memorable!