Life in a Cumbrian Village


Cumrew Pike

Cumrew and Cardunneth Pike

As relative newcomers to the Parish we still wake up each morning and pinch ourselves to remind us that we really do live in such a beautiful part of Cumbria. Drawing our curtains at the back of our home gives us the most beautiful view of Cumrew. How often we have said to each other that we must walk to the top and look down onto our house and the surrounding area, but there has always been something more important to do. On this particular morning we woke to the first heavy frost of autumn and a clear blue sky. What could be better than a good walk! Small rucksack packed with all the essentials and we were off. Parking the car at Townhead just beyond Newbiggin provided us with the ideal starting point to begin our assent on the track left of the stream. We had the ideal excuse to have a rest every few hundred yards to admire the autumn colours and to look across the Eden valley. Once we were on open moorland we were able to head north on a well defined track towards the summit of the hill. Having convinced my wife of spectacular views, down came the mist and low cloud… you can only imagine the conversation. Nothing to see at all and only the eerie sound of Grouse calling as they flew off into the invisible distance. Determined to reach the trig point we continued feeling somewhat disappointed. A hot cup of coffee was our only comfort, and then….. As if by magic the cloud lifted and the mist rolled away leaving us with views that went on forever. Walking across to the very large cairn at Cardunneth Pike was an absolute highlight. We could look down over our home in Hornsby as well as the rest of the Parish. The Lake District hills, the Solway Firth, the Galloway hills as well as the Pennine hills all looked their very best in their autumn colours and bathed in sunshine. Now the view from our bedroom window feels all the more personal and special as we plan our next small adventure.